Learn how to make your broadcast look cinematic!

In this class, Drake & Jesse explore how to get a cinematic look in a broadcast environment. You will learn about the equipment needed, including lenses and cameras, as well as their approach to camera placement and directing a cinematic broadcast.

Recommended Resources for House Of Worship

Live Audio Mixing

In this class, Chris Greely demystifies his approach to front of house engineering. As he walks through his process, you will have a greater understanding of how live mixing works and have the tools to become a better engineer.

Concert Films and Cinema Broadcast!

This course was to help you learn what it takes to get the cinematic video look and feel with the equipment that you have!

Protools & Broadcast Audio!

In this class, you will learn the basics of a broadcast audio environment. Explore the different options in the market for hardware, gear, and DAWs (digital audio workstations), as Luke Hendrickson walks you through a typical day mixing for broadcast. Luke covers techniques for getting the most out of your EQ, compression, and effects in any project or session.

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Learn about Martin Lighting with MAPC | ONYX.