Jesse Maitland is a leader in using technology to build your personal, professional or organizations impact and influence with media.  Jesse has worked in broadcasting in television and online creating real impact for millions of people by partnering with his clients to discover and strategize your true passions and purpose. His greatest joy is helping his clients to discover the bigger purpose and monetizing it for the greatest possible impact. He is always willing to ask questions, inspire, educate and build your confidence. 


For the past 18+ years I have worked in broadcast audio, video production and marketing. Working with companies such as JCPenny’s, Phillips Health Care, Energy Star, TV Networks like DayStar and GodTV and television stations. Some of my work can also be seen on Live concert films with music labels such as Bethel Music and Jesus Culture Music, many of which have won awards and top rankings of iTunes.

With more than a decade of experience in the production industry, over 300 successful events and audiences ranging from 300-10,000. Those experiences allowed me to hone a vast portfolio of skills. I am a versatile and valuable member of any team


I was impressed with the impact and reach that media can have and the shift it can make in someone’s life. Media and communications are my passion.

I’ve always been a forward strategic thinker doing my best to anticipate the technology and trends. Ive always had a talent for facilitating conversation and inspired deeper connections.



My Ideal Client is….

►#1 – People who are passionate about the work they do.
►#2 – Groups who want to make a massive impact!
►#3 – Those who are serious about using media to help people.