This October, two big things happened for me. one, It was my 32nd birthday! Two, I toured with Bethel Music. Some of the biggest surprises for me were that I slept better on a claustrophobic three level bunkbed while it was driving, then I do at home in my bed! Showering only at night wasn’t as uncomfortable as this morning shower thought it would be. ¬†And finally, eating healthy while you have almost zero control over food was every bit as hard as i guessed, but I managed to do pretty darn well.

It’s always interesting to me, working in a media industry that literally puts 100% of the emphasis on how the audience/viewer experiences your production, that I can still be amazed and the experience myself. Thats how this tour was for me. Something I’ve been working in my entire life, but to still experience it as if it were new. Thats the greatest inspiration and the greatest reward.

And Finally, a shot of my mobile production setup


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