Lance Wallnau Corporate Event

3 Months ago, Lance Wallnau’s team contacted me about filming a conference event for them in Lake Tahoe. I handled all production including lighting, sound, video, staging, power etc.  I assembled a team from Redding, CA and we streamed to 900 paid viewers and an additional 300 in our live audience.  The event occurred in beautiful Lake Tahoe, NV. Special guests included Lance Wallnau, Annabelle Wallnau, Greg Myers, Brad Cummings, Paul & Hannah McClure, and others.

Adventure Driven TV

Adventure Driven TV wants to capture the spirit of adventure, inspire your adventure and to show you how to create your own adventures. ADTV is a web based online video magazine website for adventure based activities for the outdoor lifestyle adventurers.

On this media channel, you will see a lot of images and video content that has been primarily been filmed by myself or my team. This has been tremendously fun and exciting.

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For several years, my team and I have been producing some really great visual live cuts of worship and teaching for Bethel Musics online education platform “WorshipU”.   Assisting in stage design, lighting, set building etc, we’ve been doing this for the last 4 years.



Herritage Coffee

My team and I wanted to film a local business to not just film promotional footage, but challenge ourselves to make it cinematic, and really explore a deep dialog in our interview.  We also wanted to create some value but offering educational videos for people to improve there coffee skills.

Documentary Short – Kim and Keith

This is a Video about a domestic violence situation that happened in Northern Ca in Lake California. Unfortunately, the ultimate price was taken when this story ended in two deaths forever impacting many lives.

Wellness Promo

Rhino 10x10 is a health program designed to utilize science to actually measure and help build custom health plans.